University of Wisconsin–Madison


The Office of the Secretary of the Faculty facilitates the administration of faculty committees. As defined in Faculty Policies and Procedures Chapter 6, the term “faculty committee” applies to committees established by the faculty or the Faculty Senate but not to committees created by the chancellor, by deans, or by others. Faculty committees may be called committees, boards, or commissions.  “Joint governance committees” are committees established in conjunction with academic staff, classified staff, and/or student government to address issues of common concern which are not the primary responsibility of the faculty. These committees generally report to the faculty through the University Committee and the Faculty Senate.

Unless other provision for selection is made, the Committee on Committees appoints faculty members of Chapter 6 committees, sometimes in consultation with other bodies, such as the chancellor, provost, or University Committee.

The list of committees below can be sorted by name or category, and links to the shared governance committee tracker database (requires NetID login), with information on membership and a li If you have trouble finding the information you need, contact our office: