Memorial Resolutions

The Office of the Secretary of the Faculty will work with the deceased faculty member’s department chair to identify a memorial resolution committee. The memorial will be presented at a Faculty Senate meeting and the document kept as a historical record of the professor’s contributions to the university. Please contact Gideon Elliott to schedule the presentation. Faculty Senate meets on the first Monday of the month February-May and October-December at 3:30 pm in 272 Bascom Hall.

The memorial resolution committee should provide the following to Gideon Elliott approximately two weeks in advance of the Faculty Senate meeting presentation.

  • Memorial resolution (two page maximum single-spaced)
  • One hundred word abstract (one minute presentation to be read by one of the committee members)
  • Photograph of faculty member
  • Names of faculty member’s next of kin who may be invited to attend the Faculty Senate meeting

Eligibility for a Memorial Resolution:

  • Granted emeritus status and held a faculty title at the time of retirement (professor, associate professor, assistant professor). Faculty who held an administrative title at the time of retirement must have served as a faculty member prior to holding administrative positions in order to be eligible.
  • Passed away with an active appointment with one of those titles.

New Memorial Resolutions since 1988

wdt_ID Senate doc no Name Date of Birth Date of Death Home Department secondary home department
1 2824 Bringe, Allan, Professor Emeritus 1935 2018 Dairy Science
2 2825 Karpat, Kemal, Professor Emeritus 1923 2019 History
3 2826 Sykes, William Stuart 1930 2019 Anesthesiology
4 1386 Matthews, Charles G. 1930 1988 Neurology
5 2790 Dretske, Fred, Professor Emeritus 1932 2013 Philosophy
6 2791 Barresi, Anthony, Professor Emeritus 1978 2017 Choral Music Education
7 2792 Boom, Roger Wright, Professor Emeritus 1923 2018 Engineering
8 2793 Baughman, James L. 1952 2016 Journalism & Mass Communication
9 2794 Hachten, William Andrews, Professor Emeritus 1924 2018 Journalism & Mass Communication
10 2801 Dott, Robert H., Jr., Professor Emeritus 1929 2018 Geoscience
Senate doc no Name Date of Birth Date of Death Home Department secondary home department