Policies & Procedures and Faculty Legislation

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Faculty Policies and Procedures (full text)

Faculty Policies and Procedures  (Printable PDF

FPP Chapter 1 - The University Faculty

FPP Chapter 2 - University Faculty Senate

FPP Chapter 3 - Faculties of the Colleges and Schools

FPP Chapter 4 - The Faculty Divisions

FPP Chapter 5 - Departmental Faculties

FPP Chapter 6 - Committees of the Faculty

FPP Chapter 6 (printable PDF)
6.01. Faculty Committees
6.02. Joint Governance Committees
6.04. Other Committees Concerned with Academic and Educational Activities
6.05. Selection of Members for Committees
6.06. Election of Faculty to Committees
6.07. Terms of Office
6.08. Committee Chairs
6.09. Committee Reports, Records, Recommendations, and Policies
6.10. Meetings
6.12. Appeal From and Review of Committee Decisions
6.24. Archives Committee
6.25. Budget Committee
6.26. Athletic Board
6.27. Campus Diversity and Climate Committee
6.28. Campus Planning Committee
6.30. Campus Transportation Committee
6.31. Committee on Disability Access and Inclusion
6.32. Committee on Committees
6.34. Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits, Commission on
6.36. Faculty Consultative Committee on Financial Emergency
6.38. Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, Committee on
6.40. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer People in the University
6.41. Honorary Degrees, Committee on
6.42. Information Technology Committee
6.43. Kemper K. Knapp Bequest Committee
6.44. Lectures Committee
6.46. Library Committee
6.47. Officer Education Committee
6.48. Recreational Sports Board
6.50. Retirement Issues Committee
6.51. Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions and Financial Aid, Committee on
6.52. University Academic Planning Council
6.53. University Curriculum Committee
6.54. The University Committee
6.56. Women in the University, Committee on
6.57. Advisory Committee to the Office of the Dean of Students
6.59. University Research Council
6.60. Health Care Advisory Committee
6.61 Immigration and International Issues Committee

FPP Chapter 7 - Faculty Appointments

FPP Chapter 8 - Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

FPP Chapter 9 - Discipline and Dismissal of Faculty for Cause

FPP Chapter 10 - Layoff or Termination

FPP Chapter 11 - Summer Term

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Faculty Legislation: Academic Matters (II-100 through II-109)

Faculty Legislation: Miscellaneous Statements and Policies (II-300 through II-332)

Faculty Legislation: Records (II-500 and II-501)

Faculty Legislation: Faculty Committees (II-600 and II-601)

Faculty Legislation: Students (II-700 and II-701)

Faculty Legislation: Use of Facilities (II-900)

Wisconsin Administrative Code: Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System (UWS)