Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award

Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award Call for Nominations

The Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award recognizes a currently enrolled doctoral student in the social sciences who has demonstrated outstanding research and scholarly writing accomplishments while a graduate student at UW-Madison.

One recipient, selected by the Social Sciences Divisional Committee, will receive a $1,000 cash prize. One or two students may be identified by the committee for honorable mention.

Nominations are accepted from faculty in the social sciences. Multiple nominations will be accepted.

The award requires that the candidate’s work be excellent and demonstrate “outstanding research in the social sciences.” The work must be sole-authored and may be a book, manuscript, seminar paper, course paper, or paper submitted for presentation at a professional conference or to a scholarly journal. Publication may already have occurred or may be the student’s ultimate goal, but prior publication or acceptance for publication is not a prerequisite for the award. Theses and dissertations may not be submitted, although the student may submit papers derived from these larger works.

Note: Whenever a student completes a promising paper that leads to co-authorship for publication with a faculty member, the Social Sciences Divisional Committee strongly encourages retention of the sole-authored version for nomination for this award).

Nominations should be addressed to the Social Sciences Divisional Committee and sent to Michaela Aust ( The annual application deadline will be 15 December.

Each nomination should be submitted as one single .pdf and should:

  • describe the submitted work and its contribution to its field and to social sciences, explaining what makes the material worthy of the Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award
  • verify that the author is a currently enrolled doctoral student and has indeed produced the work themselves
  • include the student’s cv
  • include the work being presented for consideration