About Us

Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Faculty

Heather Daniels

Secretary of the Faculty


  • University Committee
  • Faculty Policies and Procedures and shared governance
  • Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
  • Faculty Senate
Jane Richard, Deputy Secretary of the Faculty

Jane Richard

Deputy Secretary of the Faculty


  • Academic Calendar
  • Faculty Senate
  • Committee on Committees
  • Honorary Degrees

Michaela Aust

Divisional Committees Coordinator


  • Divisional Committees
    (Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences)
  • Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award, Hilldale Awards
  • Hilldale Lectures
Lindsey Stoddard Cameron, Faculty Services

Lindsey Stoddard Cameron

Faculty Services

  • Faculty Events & Programs
  • Women Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Diversity & inclusion-focused shared governance committees
  • Women’s Philanthropy Council grants and awards
Gideon Elliott, Office Manager

Gideon Elliott

Office Manager

  • Committee on GLBTQ People in the University
  • Immigration and International Issues Committee
  • Kemper K. Knapp Bequest
  • Distinguished Teaching Awards
  • University Lectures