WPM CASI on 04/15/21

WPM CASI on 04/15/21 at 11:30

Meeting will take place remotely: https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/94729670892?pwd=ZUJTVEpIYUdOZlVnMWw4MzdoYWpQQT09

Discuss Safety & Security Committee proposal – Gene Purcell & Heather L. Reese
Discuss Return to Campus Planning & Telecommuting – Heather L. Reese
Discuss All Staff Celebrations proposal – Gene Purcell
Discuss HR Updates – Angie Rosas
Discuss Updates on Editorial Bridge Panel and Review of Ethical Policies – Gene Purcell
Discuss UW Madison Budget – Gene Purcell
Discuss New Business – All

Open to the public