University General Education Committee on 12/11/2020

University General Education Committee on 12/11/2020 at 9:30AM-10:30AM

The meeting will take place remotely:

Meeting ID: 966 9949 2005
Passcode: 335398


Meeting Date: Friday, December 11, 2020

Meeting Time: 9:30AM-10:30AM

  1. Approval of Notes, UGEC meeting November 13, 2020
  2. Announcements and Updates
    1. Liberal Arts Essay Contest
    2. Spring Enrollment
    3. GER Website Updates
  3. Discussion Item: Re-examining the UW-Madison General Education Requirements
    1. Overview of the Requirements
    2. Administrative Structure and Process
    3. Questions to consider:
      1. Do the requirements have the capacity to meet the needs of students today? Are there gaps to be filled?
      2. Are they framed/presented in a way that reflects their necessity and utility for students? What could be different?
  • What data and information do we need to consider these questions?


Please note that in compliance with ss. 19.81 Wis. Stats. and with the 1974 Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), portions of this meeting may be closed to the public, to prevent release of student record information without prior written authorization from the student or students involved.


The University of Wisconsin–Madison occupies ancestral Ho-Chunk land, a place their nation has called Teejop (day-JOPE) since time immemorial.

In an 1832 treaty, the Ho-Chunk were forced to cede this territory. Decades of ethnic cleansing followed when both the federal and state government repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, sought to forcibly remove the Ho-Chunk from Wisconsin.

This history of colonization informs our shared future of collaboration and innovation.

Today, UW–Madison respects the inherent sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation, along with the eleven other First Nations of Wisconsin.


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