University General Education Committee on 05/13/2022

University General Education Committee on 05/13/2022 at 09:00 amMeeting will take place at 52 Bascom Hall,1. Announcements2. Approval of notes – April 8, 20223. Continued discussion of Assessment and General Education: Updating the UW-Madison General Education Assessment PlanBackground Materials (all previously distributed):• UW – Madison General Education Assessment Plan (attachment D, 2015 UGEC annual report)• General Education Learning Outcomes (updated Spring 2021)• The Wisconsin Experiencea. Background on General Education Assessment Strategies

b. General Education Assessment as a “Data Empowered Educational Practice”c. Discussion: Updating the General Education Assessment PlanPrompts:a. How might we assess whether students are achieving Gen Ed learning outcomesb. What is the right flow/frequency/timing of assessment activities for each Gen Ed requirement? (e.g.: assess each requirement annually? schedule/spread out across a 2 or 3 year cycle?)c. What do we (institution, UGEC, subcommittees, instructors) hope to gain from assessment in Gen Ed?Open to the public