University General Education Committee Meeting on 09/08/2023

University General Education Committee Meeting on 09/08/2023 at 09:00 AM

Meeting will take place at: 52 Bascom

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Background and Useful Links for UW-Madison General Education:
a. Website:; i. Course Criteria: (Communication, Ethnic Studies, Quantitative Reasoning)
b. Guide:
c. Operating Procedures; Meetings; Member roles for term members, ex officio
members, and liaisons; standing and ad hoc subcommittees (in Box)

3. Approval of notes, UGEC meeting May 12, 2023

4. Announcements and Updates
a. SOAR Updates (Shirin Malekpour, Carren Martin)
b. INTER-LS 145 and Math 96 (Shirin Malekpour, Benedek Valko)
c. New Committee: Placement Testing Questions (Shirin Malekpour)
d. Rebranding Project (Sara McKinnon)
e. FIGs, Liberal Arts Essay Contest (Nathan Phelps)
f. Reminder memos: Quantitative Reasoning, Ethnic Studies, Communication B (in
g. Changes in L&S Teaching & Learning Administration
h. Other work we did to launch the semester?

5. The Year Ahead –
a. “Enhancing” the Ethnic Studies Requirement
b. Assessment of Student Learning and new Academic Outcomes and Assessment
c. New Provost, Chancellor’s interest in Big Ideas
d. Other topics?

Open to the public