Statement Regarding Reopening from the University Committee

Statement Regarding Reopening from the University Committee

September 28, 2020


The semester has been difficult for everyone. Health concerns and the switching of teaching
modalities have resulted in anxiety and stress. The inconsistency across the colleges and schools
regarding the ability of instructors to determine the modality in which they will teach has
resulted in confusion.

Two weeks ago, the rise in positive COVID-19 tests made necessary the switch to online
instruction. Fortunately, the number of daily positive tests on campus appears to be declining.
Based on the decline and a number of factors, including the desire of many students and
stakeholders to return to in-person instruction, the Chancellor and Provost have opted to restart
face-to-face instruction. They shared their plans with the UC and discussed the factors that went
into their decision. We understand their reasons and know that they are making a decision they
believe is in the best interest of our University and our students.

Although we understand that some face-to-face instruction must occur for certain degree
programs and that some instructors want to get back in the classroom, the overwhelming
sentiment we are hearing from our faculty colleagues is to discontinue most face-to-face
instruction for the rest of this semester. We believe that by doing so we can offer the highest
quality and safest educational experience to our students.

We sincerely hope that the restart of face-to-face instruction goes smoothly, and that we can send
everyone home healthy for Thanksgiving. We ask that campus administrators recognize the
concerns of the faculty and prioritize the ability for all instructors to choose the modality for their
teaching moving forward.

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