Anja Wanner

Credentials: University Committee member 2015-2018, chair, 2017-2018

Position title: Professor, Department of English and Linguistics


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Anja Wanner

2015 Election statement: My interest in serving on the University Committee stems from my deep appreciation of faculty governance. In all committees I served on I have been impressed by the intellectual energy and dedication colleagues bring to the decision-making process. My work on the Budget Model Development Committee has given me the opportunity to learn about the needs and challenges of using resources across campus responsibly, fairly, and effectively. As a former member of the A&H Graduate School Research Committee, I learned first-hand about the excellence of research on this campus. In my current position as associate chair of the Department of English I am in charge of the undergraduate curriculum and acutely aware of enrollment trends. As a current member of the A&H Divisional Committee I regularly read dossiers from outstanding junior faculty who have committed their career to the University of Wisconsin and who need to be assured of the university’s commitment to them. The challenges ahead of us are obvious. We can only confront them if we resist being turned against each other – university against public, sciences against humanities, research against teaching. I would be honored to continue my service to the University of Wisconsin as a member of the University Committee.