Steve Ventura

Position title: Professor, Nelson Institute and Soil Science


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2017 election statement: I would like to help the University Committee deliver a careful, clear, and compelling message within and particularly beyond the campus about the value of the university to its students, to Wisconsin, and to the world. The core concepts of shared governance are evolving; it is no longer just sharing roles and responsibilities among students, staff, faculty and administrators. We must adjust to external influences on the activities and resource allocations of the University. Within the rights, traditions, and constraints of our system of shared governance, the UC can maintain and, where needed, restore the role of the faculty in the leadership of this incredible university. I have had the opportunity to conduct a wide range of applied research and outreach in rural areas, suburbs, inner cities, tribal lands, developing nations, wilderness, and hard-working forest and agricultural lands. I have first-hand experience with how the University improves lives and livelihoods, protect resources, and applies the principles of justice and equity. I hope to bring this perspective to the UC so it can continue to create a diverse and inclusive campus, support the education of qualified and caring students, and restore the faith of the public in higher education.


Professor – Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies (Nelson Institute) and Soil Science (CALS); faculty member since 1989. Chair, Department of Soil Science, 2004-2009. Chair, Land Resources Program (Nelson Institute), 1999-2003. Chair, Environmental Monitoring Program (Nelson Institute), 2005-2007. Director, Land Tenure Center, 2010-present. Director, Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility, 1999-2016. Campus Planning Committee, 2006-2014. Physical Sciences Divisional Committee, 2005-2008. Graduate School Research Committee (PS), 2014-2017. CALS Strategic Planning Committee, Equity and Diversity Committee, Facilities Committee. Nelson Institute Personnel Committee, Welcome and Inclusion Committee, program committees