Eric Sandgren

Credentials: Chair

Position title: Professor, Pathobiological Sciences


One of the strengths of UW-Madison is a widespread and longstanding recognition that solutions to the world’s “big” problems require interdisciplinary efforts that cross all academic divisional boundaries. Although my previous academic efforts have been directed toward cancer genetics, I also have served for two years as faculty for Sociology’s “The Wisconsin Idea” undergraduate course. Through my involvement with this course and other experiences, I see how “we all do better when we all do better”.

I also believe in the strength of shared governance when it is used effectively, and reinforcing this process at UW-Madison (and at the UW System level) would be the first item on my agenda as a member of the University Committee. Second, I support substantial expansion of our efforts to ensure that every member of our campus community will find an environment at UW-Madison that is safe and supportive. Third, there are additional steps that UW-Madison can take now to reduce the administrative burden on faculty and staff. I welcome your support to address these critical campus needs as a member of the University Committee.