Kristyn Masters

Credentials: University Committee member 2020-2021

Position title: Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Professor. Member of the faculty since 2004. Current University Service: Vice Chair of BME (4 years), PROFS Steering Committee (5 years), Campus Post-doctoral Studies Advisory Committee (3 years), Graduate Engineering Research Scholars (GERS) Executive Committee (2 years), Biotechnology Training Grant Steering Committee (7 years), BME faculty search committee (10 years, last 7 years as Chair), Chair of BME strategic planning committee (4 years). Previous University Service: Women in Science and Engineering Residential Community Faculty Director (5 years), College of Engineering Equity and Diversity Committee (3 years), Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid (CURAFA; 3 years, Chair for 2 years), Faculty Senator (3 years), Chancellor’s Teaching Award Committee (3 years, co-Chair for 1 year), Faculty co-Director of the Delta Program for Research, Teaching, and Learning (5 years), College of Engineering Research Innovation Committee (3 years), BME Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (12 years)
My current and past leadership positions on this campus have allowed me to experience and appreciate a wide variety of concerns, needs, and goals from diverse campus stakeholders. My leadership roles on campus have spanned much of our campus population, ranging from managing a residential community of first-year undergraduates, through developing mentoring and professional development initiatives for our graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. Additionally, my split position on campus (100% appointment in Engineering, but physically located in SMPH/WIMR) provides daily perspective on the varied teaching, research, and clinical roles held by many of our faculty and their accompanying challenges/needs.
Finally, I am committed to the Wisconsin Idea and, in collaboration with the Alumni Association, travel across Wisconsin (and other states) to connect with our alumni and the general public to communicate the value and accomplishments of our great university. I hope to apply these experiences to my service on the University Committee in order to act as a voice and advocate for our diverse campus stakeholders and a strong supporter of shared governance. I look forward to representing the faculty in campus efforts to shape policies that not only foster our continued excellence in research, but also advance the diversity and inclusivity of our campus, and promote the training and well-being of our students, staff, and faculty.