Ruth Litovsky

Credentials: University Committee member, 2015-2018

Position title: Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders


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2015 Election statement: I consider it an honor to serve on shared governance committees, especially the University Committee which plays such an important role in representing our faculty. I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with members of our community and the administration on the important issues that our campus is grappling with. My contributions will be informed through my experiences of balancing a federally funded research program with teaching, mentoring and service. In addition, I am passionate about our campus’ need for diversity and inclusion in all areas.


Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders (L&S) and Surgery Division of Otolaryngology (SMPH); biological sciences. Member of the faculty since 2001. Faculty senator, 2001-2003. Biological Sciences Divisional Committee, 2013-2014 & 2015-2017. Committee on Women at the University, 2010-2016 (Chair 2012-2014). Ad-Hoc Diversity Planning Committee, 2013-2014 (Faculty Co-chair). Ad-Hoc anti bullying climate and culture committee, 2013-2014. Women Faculty Mentoring Program, 2002-present. Conflict of Interest Committee, 2005-2011. L&S New Faculty Welcome, 2012, 2013, 2014. Postdoctoral Mentoring Program, 2013-2014.