Social Genomics Cluster Hiring Initiative on 04/10/2023

Social Genomics Cluster Hiring Initiative on 04/10/2023 at 4:00 pmMeeting will take place at: Engelman (committee chair), Jason Fletcher, Qiongshi Lu, Shaneda Warren Andersen, Brittany Brown (HR Business Partner), Shaun Hernandez (staff support), Tiffany Pence (staff support)AgendaMotion to allow Non-Executive Committee members to remain in the meeting under closed session (Shaun Hernandez, Tiffany Pence and Brittany Brown)Motion to go into closed session in accordance with provisions of 19.85(1)(B,C) of Wisconsin statutes to discuss personnel issues4:00 pm Review applicant scoring results and select candidates to invite for interviews4:25 pm Confirm next steps/adjournOpen with a closed sessionEarliest start time of closed session will be: 4:05Section 19.85(1)(b). Considering dismissal, demotion, licensing or discipline of any public employee, the investigation of charges against any such person or the grant or denial of tenure for a university faculty member (Note that the person who is the subject of any such meeting has the right to demand that any such meeting be held in open session)