OVCRGE CASI Monthly Meeting on 07/13/2020

OVCRGE CASI Monthly Meeting on 07/13/2020 at 1:30

Meeting will take place remotely: https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/3682153f13d84ea2b68cccfb1984f6fa
Dial-in:+1-571-392-7650 PIN: 655 476 4147

1:30 Call To Order
1:31 Steve Ackerman – Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
• Update on the OVCRGE’s activities

2:00 Subcommittee Reports
• Communications (Bendfelt (*chair), Heinritz, J. Hackel)
• Nominating and Districting (Johnson(*chair), Hubbard)
o New Districts
• Personnel Policies and Procedures/HR Design (D. Hackel(*chair), Meyers)
• Professional Development and Recognition (Harrington(*chair), Adluru, Adams, Huffman)

2:30 Business
• Districts
o Wisclists
o Do we need a new Census?
• Compiling an Annual Report (https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group156/30405/2018-19CASIAnnualReport.pdf)
• Approvie June minutes (March?)
• District 2 update?
• ASA/ASEC Update and Recap (S Hubbard)
• Future ASEC/ASA updates and recaps
• HR Update (Karpelenia)
• Annual “Retreat” for discussion
• Next OVCRGE-CASI meeting August 10th, 2020; video conference, for decision

3:00 Adjourn

Open to the public