L&S Faculty Senate on 11/22/22

L&S Faculty Senate on 11/22/22 at 03:00 PMMeeting will take place at: Birge Hall, Room B302More information can be found on the KB: https://kb.wisc.edu/ls/217591. Welcome and remarks2. Approval of notes of the L&S Faculty Senate meeting held 8 November 20213. Annual Reportsa. Report of the L&S Honors Program, 2021-2022, L&S Faculty Document 319b. Report of the L&S Academic Planning Council, 2021-2022 L&S Faculty Document 320c. Report of the L&S Curriculum Committee, 2021–2021 L&S Faculty Document 3214. For Discussion:a. College Update and Questions and Answers with Dean Wilcotsb. DRAFT Guiding Principles for Undergraduate Liberal Arts BA and BS requirements in The College of Letters & ScienceOpen to the public