L&S Academic Planning Council on 02/21/2023

L&S Academic Planning Council on 02/21/2023 at 01:00 pm

Meeting will take place at: 52 Bascom Hall

1. Announcements/Information
2. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of notes – February 7, 2023
b. Request for Comment:
i. College of Engineering, new undergraduate Certificate in Engineering Data Analytics
ii. Wisconsin School of Business, Business PhD (PhD 133BUS) program and associated new named options
3. Approval Items:
a. School of Journalism and Mass Communication: New Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Media Analytics
b. Rename Center from “COWS” to “High Road Strategy Center”
c. Suspend/Discontinue: Certificate in East Central European Languages, Literature, and Cultures (CERT330). This certificate is being replaced by the newly approved Certificate in Slavic Studies.
d. Suspend/Discontinue: Certificate in Scandinavian Studies (CERT900), This certificate is being replaced by the new Certificate in Languages and Cultures of Northern Europe.
4. Academic Program Review
a. Asian American Studies: Certificate in Asian American Studies (CERT201)
b. Integrative Biology: BA/BS Major, Neurobiology (BA 708)
5. Consultations of the Dean

Open to the public