L&S Academic Planning Council meeting on 10/19

L&S Academic Planning Council meeting on 10/19 at 1-2:30pm

Meeting will take place at 52 Bascom


College of Letters & Science Academic Planning Council

Meeting Date:             October 19, 2021

Meeting Time:             1:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Location:                     52 Bascom Hall  NOTE NEW LOCATION

  1. Announcements and Updates
    1. BLS+MASS approved by UW Board of Regents
    2. Irving and Dorothy Levy Hall Announcement
  1. Consent Agenda
    1. Notes from September, 21, 2021
    2. Requests for Comment
      1. UW-Madison, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
        1. Rename MS/PhD “Electrical Engineering” to “Electrical and Computer Engineering”
  1. Approval Items:
    1. Annual Report of the L&S Academic Planning Council, 2020-2021
    2. Review
      1. Academic Program Review: Geoscience:
        BA/BS Geology and Geophysics (BA/BS/MAJ 470)

MS-Geoscience (MS 468L&S)

GMIN Geoscience (GMIN 468) *low award minor

PhD, Geoscience  (PHD 468L&S)

  1. Academic Program Actions
    1. LaFollette School of Public Affairs: Request to Rename Subject Listing (826, Long Name) from “LaFollette School of Public Affairs” to “Public Affairs and Public Policy”
    2. Lumen Structures Proposal:
      https://next-guide.wisc.edu/miscadmin/?key=101The Information School: Request to Discontinue Academic Program, PhD “Library and Information Studies”
      Lumen Programs Proposal:
  2. For Discussion: Report and Recommendations of the Cross-Listing Working Group (April 2021)
  3. Consultations of the Dean

Open to the public