Librarians’ Assembly Meeting on 09/21/2020, 11:00-12:00

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General Library System/University Libraries
Agenda Summary (Optional)
1. Announcements 2. Welcome New Staff (Nina Clements) 3. Shout-Outs (Kelli Hughes) 4. University Library Committee Update (Jessica Newman) 5. Academic Staff Assembly Update (Rebecca Payne) 6. Academic Staff Executive Committee Update (Deb Shapiro) 7. Professional Concerns Update (Ellen Jacks) 8. CASI Update (Ellen Jacks) 9. Treasury Update (Brooke Schenk) 10. Programming Update (Kelli Hughes, Kristin Lansdown) 11. COVID Updates (Nancy Graff Schultz + other members from the planning team)

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• Yes, this meeting will be available with remote access
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Nina Clements
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