Librarians’ Assembly Business Meeting on 06/17/2020

Librarians’ Assembly Business Meeting on 06/17/2020 at 10:00 am

Meeting will take place at 3.

Optional phone information: +1-571-392-7650

PIN: 399 338 0099


1. Announcements
2. Statement of solidarity (Jessica Newman)
3. Welcome new staff to meeting (Jessica Newman)
4. Welcome new Librarians’ Assembly Steering Members (Jessica Newman)
5. Shout-Outs (Kelli Hughes, Beth Harper)
6. University Library Committee Update (Ellen Jacks)
7. Academic Staff Assembly Update (Tom Durkin)
8. Academic Staff Executive Committee Update (Deb Shapiro)
9. CASI Update (Ellen Jacks)
10. Treasury Update (Brooke Schenk)
11. Programming Update (Kelli Hughes, Beth Harper)
12. Professional Concerns Update (Ellen Jacks)
13. Libraries COVID-19 Planning discussion

Open to the public