Letters and Science Academic Planning Council on 01/17/2023

Letters and Science Academic Planning Council on 01/17/2023 at 01:00 pm

Meeting will take place at: 52 Bascom Hall

1. Announcements/Information

2. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of notes – December 20, 2022
b. Request for Comment: Institute name change: from “Women in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute” to “University of Wisconsin-Madison Inclusion in Science & Engineering Leadership Institute.”

3. Academic Program Actions, requests to change names:
a. Department of American Indian Studies requests to change the name of the undergraduate certificate and department.
i. Program name change from “Certificate in American Indian Studies” to “Certificate in American Indian & Indigenous Studies”
Lumen proposal: https://next-guide.wisc.edu/programadmin/?key=158
ii. Department name change from “Department of American Indian Studies” to “Department of American Indian & Indigenous Studies”
Lumen proposal: https://next-guide.wisc.edu/miscadmin/?key=158
b. Program name changes in the Department African American Studies.
i. From BA “Afro-American Studies” to “African-American Studies” https://next-guide.wisc.edu/programadmin/?key=67
ii. From undergraduate “Certificate in Afro-American Studies” to “Certificate in African American Studies” https://next-
iii. From MA “Afro-American Studies” to “African American Studies” https://next-guide.wisc.edu/programadmin/?key=526
iv. From GMIN “Afro-American Studies” to “African American Studies”

4. Academic Program Review
a. Department of Spanish and Portuguese: Undergraduate Certificate in Spanish Studies for Business Students (CERT365)
b. MS-Cartography and Geographic Systems Named Option “GIS Development” (GIS DEV)

5. Consultations of the Dean

Open to the public