Law School CASI on 09/11/2020

Law School CASI on 09/11/2020 at 1:00 P.M.

Meeting will take place remotely:

1. Introductions
2. Approval of minutes from August 7, 2020 meeting
3. Building/Technology Updates
A. Guest presenter: Patrick Long.
Patrick will give an overview of the technology changes in the building and tell us what’s going on, what’s working, what is Tech all doing (since they’re doing so much more than tech, i.e. handing out PPE, delivering packages) and what can we do as staff to support /help direct folks to the right point person/triage problems.
B. Board presenter: Vicky Coulter
Vicky, associate director of the library and building manager, will give an over-view of how the library will operate in the fall semester and also tell the Board about what Covid-related adjustments were made in the building over the sum-mer.
4. Administration Update [Pluymers]
5. Chair’s Report [McBride & Viney]
6. Ongoing Business
A. Reports of Standing Committees
1. Recognition & Retention [Orr/Tinglum]
2. Website, Communication & Outreach [Heidke]
3. Elections & Membership [Tinglum]
4. Diversity, Inclusion & Climate [McBride/Babler]
B. Ad hoc committee: Tuition Program [Peterson]
C. Ad hoc committee: Clinical Teacher of the Year Guidelines [Orr]
D. Clinical Hiring [Liaison: Orr]
7. New Business/Announcements/Other
A. Covid 19 Impact Updates [if any, from anyone]
B. Announcements/Other

Next meeting – TBD for October

Open to the public