Law School CASI Board Meeting on 08/07/2020

Law School CASI Board Meeting on 08/07/2020 at 9:00 A.M.

Meeting will take place at remotely: Team Meeting:


1. Introductions
2. Approval of minutes from June 5, 2020, meeting
3. Administration Update [if any]
4. Chair’s Report [Viney]
5. Ongoing Business
A. Reports of Standing Committees
1. Recognition & Retention [Orr/Tinglum]
2. Website, Communication & Outreach [Heidke]
3. Elections & Membership [Tinglum]
4. Diversity, Inclusion & Climate [McBride]
B. Ad hoc committee: Tuition Program [Peterson]
C. Ad hoc committee: Clinical Teacher of the Year Guidelines [Orr]
D. Clinical Hiring [Liaison: Orr]
6. New Business/Announcements/Other
A. Policy issues for 2020-2021 [Discussion item]
1. Creating a strategic plan for the academic year. See Mission Statement and Responsibilities, below, page 2. What are our priorities for the year? What are our action items?
B. Committee assignments for 2020-2021
C. Meeting schedule for 2020-2021
1. Guests?
2. Themes?
D. Covid 19 Impact Updates [if any, from anyone]
E. Announcements/Other

Next meeting – TBD [Mission Statement & Responsibilities on page 2]

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