Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee on 12-7-22

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee on 12-7-22 at 8:00amMeeting will take place at: Introductions and welcome (2 minutes)2. Review agenda (2 minutes)3. Approval of November 9, 2022 meeting minutes (2 minutes)4. Public comment period (2 minutes)5. Staff Updates -please review and come with questions (30 minutes)i. Missy Nergard, Director-Office of Sustainabilityii. Laura Wyatt, Assistant Director (Operations)iii. Rhonda James, Senior Landscape Architect (Capital Projects)iv. Adam Gundlach Field Projects Coordinator (Field Activities)v. Bryn Scriver, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator (Volunteers and Outreach)6. Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve report – (Anne Pearce – 10 minutes)7. Preserve Outreach Center Update – (Rhonda James – 10 minutes)8. Master Plan Recommendation Review – (Rhonda James – 20 minutes)9. AdjournUpcoming Meetings:• Stakeholders public meeting – January (review of 2024 work plan and budget)• Outreach Center 2nd public meeting – late JanuaryOpen to the public