Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee on 06-25-20

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee on 06-25-20 at 10am

Meeting will take place at

The charge of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee is:
“to ensure the integrity of these cherished campus resources through the provision of necessary
and appropriate oversight, policies, guidelines, stewardship and management.”

10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
1. Introductions – 3 minutes
2. Review agenda – 2 minutes
3. Approval of May 13, 2020 meeting minutes – 5 minutes
4. Staff Reports – 20 minutes
a. Director (Gary Brown)
b. Program Manager (Laura Wyatt)
c. Capital Projects (Rhonda James)
d. Field Activities (Adam Gundlach)
e. Volunteer & Outreach (Bryn Scriver)
5. Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve report (Stephen Sentoff-Board President) – 5 Minutes
7. Review of Strategic Plan – Gary Brown & Sara Hotchkiss – 50 minutes
8. Adjourn

Open to the public