Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee meeting on 12/18/20

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee meeting on 12/18/20 at 8:00-9:30am

Meeting will take place remotely:

University of Wisconsin –Madison
Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee
Friday, December 18, 2020
8:00am to 9:30am
Professor Sara Hotchkiss, chair
1. Introductions and welcome (2 minutes)
2. Review agenda (2 minutes)
3. Approval of November 6, 2020 meeting minutes (2 minutes)
4. Public comment period (2 minutes)
5. Staff Updates (20 minutes)
i. Administration (Gary)
ii. Program Management (Laura)
iii. Capital projects (Rhonda)
iv. Field Activities (Adam)
v. Volunteers and Outreach (Bryn)
6. Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve report – (Stephen Sentoff -10 minutes)
7. Review of 2020 Draft Work Plan and Budget – (Gary Brown & Laura Wyatt – 30 minutes)
1. Introduction to Visitor Counter in the Preserve – (Laura Wyatt, Darwin “Dar” Ward – Commuter Solutions Manager, Transportation Services, Connor Kotte – Natural Areas Technician – 15 minutes)

Open to the public