Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee Meeting on 09-17-21

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Committee Meeting on 09-17-21 at noon

Meeting will take place remotely:

Friday, September 17, 2021
12 noon to 1:30 PM
1. Introductions and welcome to new members; view of committee charge mission and vision
(10 minutes)
2. Approval of April 5, 2021 minutes-due to lack of quorum at May 12, 2021 meeting
(2 minutes)
3. Public comment period (2 minutes)
4. Staff Updates (20 minutes)
i. Administration (Laura-on Gary’s behalf if needed)
ii. Program and operations (Laura)
iii. Capital projects (Rhonda)
iv. Field Activities (Adam)
v. Volunteers and Outreach (Bryn)
5. Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve report (Tom Bryan – 10 minutes)
6. Committee calendar including master plan and subcommittee organization
(Laura – 15 minutes)
i. Subcommittees
-Education (Student Engagement Grants)
-Planning & Implementation (Work Plan and project proposal review)
-Master Plan
7. Master Plan – introduction and planning goals, discuss guiding principles, introduce
interactive map idea (Rhonda – 25 minutes)

Open to the public