Employment Actions, Grievances, and Appeals

Faculty may face discipline or dismissal for cause. The procedures for discipline and dismissal for cause are found in Faculty Policies & Procedures Chapter 9. For questions, please contact the secretary of the faculty.

Faculty may be laid off or terminated for financial emergency or under extraordinary circumstances for program discontinuance based on educational consideration. These actions are governed by Faculty Policies & Procedures Chapter 10.

Grievances are addressed in Faculty Policies & Procedures 8.15. Faculty members should first seek resolution of the problem with the department and school/college. If a satisfactory solution is not found, faculty members may appeal to the University Committee by contacting the secretary of the faculty. University Committee procedures for grievances can be found here.

The Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities hears several different types of appeals.

  • Non-renewal decisions of assistant professors (with or without promotion) at the department, dean or provost level
  • Discipline decisions
  • Dismissal decisions

Further information about non-renewal appeals is available on this page. For appeals of discipline or dismissal, contact the secretary of the faculty.