Senate roster

Registration for attendance: Senators, alternates attending as voting members for absent senators, and University Committee members should scan their university ID or complete a paper form at the door of the Senate meeting.

Absence/Alternates: Each senator should name an alternate from their district. However, an alternate may represent any senator in the district for any given meeting. Changes in alternates must be reported to the secretary of the faculty. An alternate attending in place of a senator has the same rights.

The Faculty Senate districts website houses district, senator, and alternate information:

  • The “districts” page has a list of all districts and the senators and alternates in that district.
  • The “find your district” page provides a search of an individual by name.
  • The “member lists” page provides a list of faculty members in a district, as well as designated senators and alternates.

Use the form below to update senator and alternate information. Senators may be elected to two consecutive 3-year terms. Please contact Julie Scharm, deputy secretary of the faculty, with any questions.

Please use the form below to help us update our records:

Update senator or alternate

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