1. The academic semester consists of a regularly scheduled instructional period, and no more than a 7-day summary period. The first day of the summary period is for individual study and review, and no classes or exams are to be scheduled then. The other days are prescheduled to include one two hour summary block for each course of two or more credits. This two hour block shall be used for an examination or for other instructional activities as deemed appropriate by the instructor and as approved by the instructional unit offering the course. Final examinations or other summary period activities cannot be scheduled during the two weeks preceding the summary period. Take home final examinations are due at the scheduled two hour block.
  2. The summary period block schedule must be published and must be adhered to by all faculty in accordance with faculty legislation requirements. The Office of the Registrar is authorized to prepare the summary period block schedule without submitting it to the faculty for approval, except that any college or school may prepare its own summary block schedule.
  3. The time of a two hour block for a class and/or the due date for the take home examination may be changed only with the prior approval of the dean. Where a student has more than two summary blocks scheduled within a period of 24 hours, the instructor may, within guidelines adopted by the college or school faculty, reschedule a final exam to avoid hardship. Rescheduled summary blocks shall be of the same general nature and quality as the activities of the regular two hour summary block.
  4. Special hours within the prescribed summary period shall be assigned by the Office of the Registrar, in consultation with the dean, for combined summary periods in multiple section courses that have no common meeting hour.
  5. Undergraduate seminar courses, independent study, and directed study courses are exempted from the above rules. Also, the rules apply only to courses numbered 699 or below.
  6. All course grades must be completed by each instructor and submitted to the Office of the Registrar three days (72 hours) after the last final exam day, regardless of whether or not a two-hour summary block exam was held.

Upon request, instructors will be granted an extension of an additional three days (72 hours) to accommodate grading needs for exams scheduled during the last three exam days.

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