Chapter 11 – Summer Term

11.01. Summer Terms
11.02. Summer Term Administration
11.03. Summer Term Compensation
11.04. Summer Term Appointments


There shall be summer terms of such lengths as may be approved by the chancellor.

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A. The Dean of the Summer Term is appointed by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and acts as the general coordinating officer. The Dean of Summer Term may appoint a staff to provide campuswide support and coordination for summer term activity.

B. Each school and college shall appoint a summer dean to participate in campuswide planning for summer term.

C. After academic departments and their respective college deans identify the appropriate array of educational programming for summer term, the deans submit programs and budgets to the Dean of the Summer Term. After the budget has been approved, appointments and payrolls are administered by the departments in the same manner as during the regular academic year.

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All summer work performed by 9-month faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees requires prior approval by the individual’s appointing unit and dean or director office. For instructional service in summer term, divisions establish workload practices with their departments. Determining workload typically takes into account the length of the summer session and the number of credits taught. Compensation for part-time service will be prorated. Cancellation clauses based on low enrollment can be included in appointment agreements.

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Any work performed by 9-month faculty or staff teaching summer term is voluntary and subject to employee’s agreement. To ensure appropriate staffing to support summer term instructional activities, departments and colleges may pursue a variety of staffing options.

A. OVERLOAD. An employee may agree to perform duties outside of their normal work assignments. In these circumstances, an overload request – identified as employment beyond 100 percent – may be approved if the need for additional compensation can be sufficiently demonstrated. Summer employment for 9-month employees is not considered an overload. In limited situations, 9-month employees may receive an overload in addition to the summer session or service payment.
B. DUAL ROLE WAIVER. Schools and colleges may allow research scientists and researchers to work in a teaching capacity during Summer Term, so long as the employee and supervisor have considered and documented the funding implications and effort reporting requirements. Prior approval is also required if the dual role creates an overload.

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