6.59. University Research Council

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The University Research Council (URC) shall consist of the following members, serving three-year staggered terms. Each shared governance body will select representation from across campus with substantial experience in the conduct of research. URC members are expected to represent the interests of the university community at large.

1.    Eight faculty, selected as follows:

  1. One faculty member from each of the four divisions, elected by all faculty from slates prepared by the respective divisional committee.
  2. One faculty member appointed from each of the four divisions by the University Committee with input in the form of a slate of nominees presented by the Committee on Committees.

2.    Two academic staff members.
3.    One university staff member.
4.    One member of the University Committee (selected annually).
5.    The Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (ex officio, non-voting), who shall chair.
6.    The Associate Vice Chancellors for Research (ex officio, non-voting)
7.    The Dean of the Graduate School (ex officio, voting).


1.    Advises the vice chancellor for research and graduate education (VCRGE) on the overall UW-Madison research enterprise, including, but not limited by enumeration, to:

  1. Strategic planning to maximize the research productivity of faculty and staff, and to support highly innovative, transformative research.
  2. Allocation of flexible resources, including resources provided by WARF, such as support of research competitions, matching funds for grants, funding for recruitment and retentions, and honoring research contributions.
  3. Major campus-wide research programs and issues.
  4. Compliance processes and committees.
  5. Approving policies governing five-year reviews for VCRGE centers to ensure that centers remain at the leading edge of new discoveries. Members of the URC will provide advice to the VCRGE regarding the outcome of Center reviews.
  6. Review and approval of the establishment of new, and closing of existing, VCRGE centers.

2.    Advises and consults with the Office of Research Compliance, the office of Research Policy and Integrity, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, and other safety and compliance units.

3.    Receives and processes inquiries and complaints from research investigators, including faculty, staff, employees-in-training, and students, regarding institutional processes, policies, and procedures that adversely impact the conduct of their research, ensuring effective and rapid resolution of problems involving research, safety, and compliance.

4.    Brings to the attention of the VCRGE views and opinions of the faculty and staff. In turn, members are responsible for assisting the Office of the VCRGE in helping to communicate the research resources of the VCRGE office.

5.    Advises and counsels the VCRGE and the chancellor in the formulation of the annual request to the WARF board of trustees. The VCRGE and chancellor shall routinely seek the advice and counsel of the committee regarding the allocation and disposition of WARF funds. Ensures that the disposition of WARF  funds by the university is transparent to the WARF board of directors. The committee, or its individual members, shall be available to the WARF board of trustees, upon request, as direct and independent advisors and as such shall share with the trustees their expertise and insight.

6.    Creates subcommittees to study specific topics, as needed.