6.54. The University Committee

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The University Committee consists of six faculty members, two elected each year for three-year terms. No more than three members of the University Committee shall be from a single school or college, and at least one member shall be from each division.


1.    Considers questions concerning the educational interests or policies of the university.
2.    On its own initiative, makes studies and recommendations to the faculty or administration concerning educational policy. The administration is encouraged to ask the University Committee for advice. The University Committee may give advice directly to the administration, or refer a matter to the faculty for discussion.
3.    Advises on procedures that involve the faculty in making decisions on the organization or reorganization of interdepartmental or interdisciplinary programs of instruction, research, and service, or the creation of new colleges, schools, or institutes involving significant educational programs.
4.    Examines any actions taken relating to the university by the Board of Regents, the Board of Visitors, the various faculties or faculty committees, or by other bodies or individuals related to the university.
5.    Consults with appropriate administrative officers on budget matters and reports thereon to the faculty.
6.    Prepares the agenda for committee-of-the-whole discussion or consideration of matters of general interest to the faculty.
7.    Makes timely reports to the faculty on matters completed, pending, or projected.
8.    Advises on the appointment of faculty members of search and screen committees and on the procedures used by these committees.
9.    Appoints members of appointed faculty committees after consultation with the chancellor.
10.    Serves as the faculty’s grievance committee under 8.15. and UWS 6.02, except for matters within the jurisdiction of the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities.
11.    Serves as the executive committee of the senate, unless the senate elects another executive committee. In preparing the agenda for senate meetings pursuant to 2.08., if an item has been added to the agenda by request of a senator or ten faculty members, and if the University Committee believes that there is substantial doubt on whether the item falls within the purview of faculty governance as defined in Chapter 1.20. of this document, the following statement shall be printed in the agenda immediately preceding the item itself: “Although the University Committee doubts whether the following agenda item falls within the purview of faculty governance, it has been placed on the agenda so that the senate may consider and decide that question.”  In such a case, the agenda item shall not be taken up unless the senate by a majority vote determines that it is appropriate for senate consideration.
12.    Maintains liaison between faculty and other shared governance bodies.
13.    Receives reports as specified by these rules.
14.    Performs other functions assigned to it within these rules.