6.53. University Curriculum Committee

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The committee shall consist of 12 members, as indicated below. Members shall serve three-year terms, which shall be staggered. The Committee on Committees and the Academic Staff Nominating Committee shall coordinate so that no department has more than one member on the committee.

1.    Two faculty members from each division. The Committee on Committee shall give consideration to appointing members who have recently served on their college or school curriculum committee.
2.    Four academic staff members with instructional titles. The Academic Staff Nominating Committee shall give consideration to appointing members who teach or have taught more than one different course.


1.    Approves courses. Proposals for new credit courses, or for modifications of or discontinuation of existing credit courses, shall be approved by the department (or department-like body), then by the school or college, and finally by the University Curriculum Committee.
2.    Review of course offerings. The University Curriculum Committee may review and recommend the alteration or discontinuance of existing credit courses, and the establishment of new courses.
3.    Advice on educational policy and planning. On its own initiative or on request, the University Curriculum Committee may advise the chancellor, provost, deans, or other administrative officers of the university on educational policy and planning and their implementation.