6.48. Recreational Sports Board

A. MEMBERSHIP. The Recreational Sports Board shall consist of the following members:

1. Three faculty members appointed for three-year terms.
2. Two academic staff members.
3. Seven student members.
4. Two university staff members.
5. Director of the Division of Recreational Sports, ex officio nonvoting.
6. One nonvoting representative of the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.

B. CHAIR. The chair shall be chosen by the committee from among the faculty members appointed pursuant to section A.1. The committee may also, at its discretion, appoint a student, university staff member or academic staff member appointed pursuant to A.3. and A.4. to serve as co-chair.


1. Advises the administration concerning the development, programming, staffing, maintenance, and financing of recreational sports facilities for faculty, staff, and students.
2. Initiates actions in matters of budget and personnel for the chancellor.
3. When issues related to academic matters develop, decisions shall be restricted to a subcommittee consisting of the faculty members of the committee. Disputes about identifying issues as academic shall be resolved by the University Committee.