6.41. Honorary Degrees, Committee on

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The Committee on Honorary Degrees consists of the following members:

1.    The president of the University of Wisconsin System, or his/her designee.
2.    The chancellor, or his/her designee.
3.    Ten members appointed by the chancellor for terms of one year each, either from the faculty, or from among the deans or other administrators of the several schools or colleges.
4.    Sixteen faculty members, one appointed by each divisional executive committee each year for a four-year term.
The chair shall be appointed by the University Committee in consultation with the chancellor.

B.    FUNCTIONS. Nominates candidates for honorary degrees from the university upon the recommendation of a department, school, or college.
1.    When names of proposed candidates for honorary degrees are presented to the committee from sources other than a department, school, or college, such names are first referred by the chair of the committee to appropriate departments, schools, or colleges of the university for recommendation.
2.    The committee shall give preference in its nominations to persons who are connected in some significant way with the state or with the university.

1.    At the executive session of the Faculty Senate meeting at which the Honorary Degrees Committee reports, a faculty member may nominate a candidate for an honorary degree only if that person’s name has previously been submitted to the committee.
2.    The presentation of the Honorary Degrees Committee shall be followed by discussion of the names presented. The ballots for honorary degrees shall not be distributed to the senate until the discussion has been completed.
3.    A three-fourths affirmative vote of those present and voting on each candidate at the Faculty Senate meeting at which the names of candidates are acted on is required to approve the nomination of a candidate for an honorary degree.
4.    Prior to approval by the Board of Regents and public announcement by the administration, all matters relating to honorary degrees are confidential.