6.34. Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits, Commission on

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The Commission on Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits shall consist of the following members:

1.    Nine faculty members elected for three-year terms. Not more than three members shall be from a single faculty division. At least two members shall be nontenured faculty members at the time of their election. For purposes of coordination, the chair of the University Committee or his/her designated  representative shall be an ex officio nonvoting member.
2.    No elected member of the commission may serve concurrently on the University Committee.


1.    Concerns itself primarily with improving economic benefits for the faculty. Matters of governance, including decisions affecting individual faculty concerning recruitment, retention, promotion, merit increases, and workloads, are reserved to the department, school, and college faculties.
2.    Prepares for the information of the faculty, studies of faculty economic needs and desires, including such comparative data from other universities and professional fields as it deems necessary.
3.    Prepares for the Faculty Senate, recommendations concerning faculty compensation and economic benefits for transmission to the administration, the Board of Regents, the governor, and the legislature.
4.    Represents the faculty in discussions, hearings, and other appropriate settings to present faculty policy recommendations and requests dealing with faculty compensation and economic benefits.
5.    Coordinates its activities with those of the Academic Staff Committee to ensure concerted action on economic issues common to faculty and academic staff.