6.30. Campus Transportation Committee

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The Campus Transportation Committee shall consist of the following members:

1.    Three faculty members appointed for three-year terms.
2.    Three academic staff members.
3.    Three students.
4.    Three university staff members.
5.    One member appointed annually by the chancellor to represent the administration.
6.    Two nonvoting members, appointed annually by the chancellor to represent, respectively, the Transportation Services Office and the Division of Facilities Planning and Management.


1.    Provides advice and recommendations to the administration and all governance bodies on policies and budgetary matters, including rates, relating to all aspects of pedestrian and motorized and nonmotorized vehicular transportation and parking on the campus.
2.    Interprets policies related to transportation and parking adopted by governance bodies.
3.    Ensures appropriate consultation of governance bodies regarding     proposed changes in any policies.
4.    Initiates and recommends projects for addressing campus transportation needs including projects to enhance pedestrian, bicycle, bus, and automobile access to the campus. Such recommendations are to be considered in detail by the Division of Facilities Planning and Management, or other appropriate divisions  of the university, and the Campus Planning Committee.
5.    Provides representation on all building committees for projects that include or affect transportation facilities.
6.    Creates subcommittees to address issues related to particular aspects of the campus transportation system. (The Bicycle-Pedestrian Subcommittee was formally attached to the Campus Transportation Committee [CTC] by senate action, and is chaired by a member of the CTC.)


1.    MEMBERSHIP: this four person subcommittee shall consist of:

  1. One faculty member selected by and from the Campus Transportation Committee (CTC) from the CTC
  2. One academic staff member selected by and from the CTC
  3. One university staff member selected by and from the CTC
  4. One student member selected by and from the CTC

The subcommittee shall elect its own chair from among its own members.

2.    FUNCTIONS. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Subcommittee advises the Campus Transportation Committee, the administration, and staff on programs and policies pertaining to the development of bicycle and pedestrian ways and their associated facilities. The subcommittee encourages transportation to campus and on campus by bicycle, public transit, and walking. The encouragement takes the form of promoting safety, convenience, and economy of these modes.