6.28. Campus Planning Committee

A.    MEMBERSHIP. The Campus Planning Committee shall consist of the following members:

1.    Four faculty members, one from each faculty division, appointed by the divisional executive committee for four-year terms. Two members shall be appointed in each odd-numbered year.
2.    Two faculty members, appointed by the University Committee for four-year terms, who shall also serve on the University Academic Planning Council.
3.    One faculty member to represent environmental concerns, appointed by the University Committee with confirmation by the senate, to serve for a four-year term.
4.    One faculty member, appointed by the Arboretum Committee from among its current membership.
5.    The chancellor or designee of the chancellor, who shall chair the committee.
6.    Three deans appointed by the chancellor.
7.    One academic staff member.
8.    One university staff member.
9.    One student.
10.    One non-voting member representing each of the following committees. The member shall be selected by each committee from among its current or recent past membership:

  1. Campus Transportation Committee
  2. Information Technology Committee
  3. Library Committee
  4. Recreational Sports Board
  5. Committee on Women in the University

11.    The Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Management, ex officio, and a representative of the Space and Remodeling Policies Committee, both nonvoting.

B.    FUNCTIONS. The committee shall advise the chancellor on long-range development plans, building priorities site selection, and aesthetic criteria, regarding facilities for research, instruction, recreation, parking and transportation, and other university functions.

C.    PROCEDURES. The procedures followed by the committee shall include the following: If the committee is considering a site for new construction or significant change in use of an existing facility, all departments and programs located in close proximity to the site or facility shall be informed of this consideration in a timely fashion so that there will be a reasonable opportunity to address the committee.