6.27. Campus Diversity and Climate Committee

A. MEMBERSHIP. The Campus Diversity and Climate Committee shall consist of the following members:

  1. Four faculty
  2. Four academic staff
  3. Four university staff
  4. One postdoctoral scholar (research associate, postdoctoral fellow, or postdoctoral trainee), appointed by the Office of Postdoctoral Studies (VCRGE).
  5. Four students
  6. Two members representing community interests beyond campus appointed by the chancellor
  7. Two members representing community and/or alumni interests appointed by the Wisconsin Alumni Association
  8. The Vice Provost for Diversity & Climate / Chief Diversity Officer, ex officio, non-voting
  9. Faculty, staff, alumni, and community representatives appointed under A.1, A.2, A.3., A.6., and A.7. shall serve three-year staggered terms, and may be reappointed to second consecutive three-year terms. Postdoctoral scholars and students selected under A.4. and A.5. shall serve renewable one-year terms.
  10. The committee shall elect two co-chairs. One co-chair shall be elected from among the faculty members appointed pursuant to section A.l. The second co-chair shall be elected among the other shared governance groups appointed pursuant to Section A.2, A.3, and A.5.


  1. This shared governance body advises the administration, faculty, staff, and students on campus diversity and climate, which as noted in the UW-Madison Institutional Statement on Diversity, is a source of strength, creativity, and innovation for this campus. The CDCC values the contributions of each person and respects the profound ways their identity, culture, background, experience, status, abilities, and opinion enrich the university community. As part of that community, the CDCC is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, outreach, and diversity as inextricably linked goals.
  2. Works collaboratively with and advises the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate/Chief Diversity Officer to provide direction and accountability for the implementation of university diversity plans.
  3. Provides for faculty, staff and student participation in long-range planning and serves as a gateway of information to and from shared governance communities.
  4. Reviews campus committees pursuing discrimination goals regarding missions and coordination.
  5. Meets with campus leadership to discuss policy and progress on climate and diversity.
  6. Works with the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate/Chief Diversity Officer to plan the annual campus-wide policy and progress forum.
  7. Makes policy recommendations.
  8. Reports annually to the Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Assembly, University Staff Congress, and the current student governance body.
  9. Provides updated reports to all shared governance groups of the students, staff, faculty, and to the general public.