6.12. Appeal From and Review of Committee Decisions

A.    Except as otherwise specified, when these rules delegate authority to a faculty committee to take action without specific senate approval, the affected person or persons may appeal the committee action to the University Committee.

B.    Except as provided in 6.12.D., whenever these rules authorize a committee to take action or recommend action to the administration without prior approval by the senate, if one-third or more of the faculty members of the committee believe that contemplated action is of sufficient importance that it merits consideration by the University Committee or the Faculty Senate, they, or the chair of the committee, shall report this to the University Committee, which shall consult with those faculty members, the committee chair and other appropriate persons. After such consultation, the University Committee may take such action as it considers proper, including submission of the matter to the Faculty Senate.

C.    If a matter has been reported to the University Committee under the provisions of 6.12.B. and if the University Committee so requests, all steps to adopt or implement the committee action in question shall be postponed pending consideration by the University Committee and, if the University Committee so decides, by the Faculty Senate.

D.    The provisions of 6.12.A., 6.12.B. and 6.12.C. do not apply to actions taken by the following committees: Committee on Committees, Divisional Committee Review Council, Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, Consultative Committee on Financial Emergency, Honorary Degrees, Kemper Knapp Bequest, Lectures, Search and Screen, and University Press.