6.10. Meetings

  1. A faculty committee meets at the call of its chair. A meeting may also be called at the request of a simple majority of members of the committee.
  2. Faculty should be familiar with and follow the university’s open meetings and open records policies, which will also be communicated to committee chairs as part of the committee confirmation letter.
  3. Meeting agendas should be prepared and distributed in a timely manner by the chair (in conjunction with any committee staff assigned to the committee). Specific rules governing meeting agendas will be communicated to the chair as part of the committee appointment letter.
  4. Quorum rule: For the purposes of this chapter, a quorum exists when a majority of the voting members of a committee is present.
  5. Minutes: Will be taken and retained for the meetings of all committees. Guidelines for minutes will be included in committee appointment letters to chairs. Outgoing chairs should give committee documents to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty to pass on to the next chair.