6.09. Committee Reports, Records, Recommendations, and Policies

A.    All Chapter 6 and ad hoc faculty committees shall report to the University Committee in writing at least annually. These reports shall be submitted to the Faculty Senate for its information. There shall be an opportunity for senators to ask questions regarding these reports. If a committee includes academic staff and/or student representatives, then the represented governance bodies shall also receive copies of the report.

B.    All Chapter 6 and ad hoc faculty committee records and reports are official university records, and they may not be destroyed or discarded without the consent of the university archivist. When chairs of faculty committees wish to be relieved of files, they shall transfer all material to the university archives under any appropriate or desirable restriction of use consistent with state and federal laws. When the chair of a faculty committee changes, the outgoing chair shall transfer active files and other appropriate information to the new chair.

C.    If a committee makes a recommendation or proposes a resolution for action by the Faculty Senate, the vote of the faculty members on the committee on the recommendations or proposed resolution shall be reported to the Faculty Senate along with the total committee vote.

D.    A committee may seek changes to its charge by presenting a proposal to the University Committee.

E.   Chapter 6 committees shall maintain a written statement of policies and procedures.