6.07. Terms of Office

A.    With the exception of the University Committee, or unless otherwise specified, faculty committee members serve during the academic year.

B.   The appointing authority may extend the specified term for one year to avoid too great a turnover of committee members in a single year or to facilitate work in progress.

C.    Unless otherwise specified, committee members may serve at most two consecutive terms or five consecutive years, whichever is greater.

D.    Unless otherwise specified, terms of committee members shall be staggered to the extent possible.

E.  A vacancy in an elective committee position is to be reported by the chair of that committee to the secretary of the faculty.

F.  If circumstances warrant, and upon consultation with the committee concerned, the University Committee shall appoint an appropriately qualified replacement to fill the vacancy until a faculty member is elected at the next annual election to complete the unexpired term. The Committee on Committees will provide input if the vacancy is for the University Committee.