GNS+ EC Meeting on 04/12/2023

GNS+ EC Meeting on 04/12/2023 at 03:30 PM

Meeting will take place at: 1418 Van Hise Hall

Open with a closed session

Earliest start time of closed session will be: 03:35

Section 19.85(1)(b). Considering dismissal, demotion, licensing or discipline of any public employee, the investigation of charges against any such person or the grant or denial of tenure for a university faculty member (Note that the person who is the subject of any such meeting has the right to demand that any such meeting be held in open session), Section 19.85(1)(c). Considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance data of any public employee over whom the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility (Example: Consideration by a departmental executive committee of job applicants, performance reviews, teaching evaluations or merit increases)