Geography Fac/Staff Mtg on 8/31/2023

Geography Fac/Staff Mtg on 8/31/2023 at 12:00pm

Meeting will take place at: Room 175

Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faculty-Staff-GradRep Meeting
*Thursday* 8/31/2023, 12pm-1:30pm

Faculty-Staff-GradRep Meeting [open]
1. Welcome and Introductions [10 min]
a. Alicia Cowart
b. Tino Kalsas
c. Other introductions
2. Announcements & Updates [30 min]
a. CartLab/CHE/Library Renovation [Alicia]
b. Start-of-Semester Admin Support [Jacqueline]
c. Space Committee [Jacqueline]
d. Purchasing / Reimbursement Information KB [Desi]
e. IT Team & IT Oversight Committee [Tino, A-Xing]
f. Grad Admissions [Mogi]
g. GISPP [Jonathan]
h. Speakers Committee [Stephen]
i. Yi Fu Gift [Jack]
j. Heat and safety [Jack]
k. Other announcements & updates
3. Updates from Campus & L&S [Jack, 20 min]
4. Dept/Chair Updates and Priorities for 2023-2024 [Jack, 30 min]
a. Updates
b. Priorities
c. Discussion

Open to the public