Faculty Senate for March 7, 2022

1. Memorial Resolutions for:
Professor Emeritus Norman H. Beachley (Fac doc 3001)
Professor Emeritus Jost Hermand (Fac doc 3002)
Professor Emeritus Olvi Mangasarian (Fac doc 3003)
Professor Emeritus David Slautterback (Fac doc 3004)

2. Announcements/Information Items

3. Update on Sustainability

4. Question period

Consent Agenda
5. Minutes of February 7, 2022 meeting (consent)

6. Changes to Standardize Membership Information in Faculty Policies and Procedures Chapter 6 Committees: FPP 6.60 (Health Care Advisory Committee) and FPP 6.50 (Retirement Issues Committee) (Fac doc 3005) (consent)

7. Health Care Advisory Committee Annual Report for 2020-2021 (Fac doc 3006)

8. Retirement Issues Committee Annual Report for 2018-2021 (Fac doc 3007)

Old business
9. Academic Calendar for 2026-2027 and Proposal to Maintain a 5-Year “Rolling Calendar” (Fac doc 2997) (vote)

10. Resolution on Accessible and Inclusive Campus (Fac doc 2998) (vote)

11. Motion to Support the Academic Staff Resolution on the State Pay Plan Distribution (Fac doc 2999) (vote)

12. Proposal to Clarify Timeline to Faculty Policies and Procedures 7.16.D.4. Due Process Reconsiderations and Appeals (Fac doc 3000) (vote)

New business
13. Proposal to Remove Faculty Legislation II-600, Institutional Advisory Committee on Outside Activities (Fac doc 3008) (vote)


Upcoming Faculty Senate Meetings – 3:30 p.m., 272 Bascom Hall: April 4, May 2