WFMP Advisory Committee


  • Morton Gernsbacher
    Vilas Research Professor & Sir Frederic C. Bartlett Professor, Psychology


  • Lindsey Stoddard Cameron
    Faculty Services, Office of the Secretary of the Faculty


  • Robin Douthitt (Founding Director)
    Professor & Dean Emerita, Consumer Sciences
  • Laura Albert
    Harvey D. Spangler Faculty Scholar and Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Christy Clark-Pujara
    Associate Professor, Afro-American Studies
  • Ivy Corfis
    Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Donna Fernandez
    Professor, Botany and Integrative Biology
  • Li Chiao-Ping
    Professor, Dance
  • Gloria Mari Beffa
    Professor, Mathematics, and
    Associate Dean for Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences, College of Letters & Science
  • Kristen Pecanac
    Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
  • Tammy Scerpella
    Professor, Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
  • Anita Thompson
    Professor, Biological Systems Engineering, and
    Chair, Water Resources Management Program
  • Jyoti Watters
    Professor, Comparative Biosciences
  • Rachelle Winkle-Wagner
    Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Office of the Provost Liaison

  • Beth Meyerand
    Vice Provost for Faculty & Staff Affairs